CT Environmental


Our dynamic team of urban ecologists focus on delivering outcomes which enhance the natural environment to provide people with more inviting places to live, work and enjoy life.

At CT Environmental, we are recognised experts in urban ecology and waterway management, monitoring and planning. We solve our clients’ ecosystem monitoring and management problems by providing strategic advice based on the latest science and by applying our extensive experience and expertise in the urban environment. We offer an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise in urban environmental issues at a competitive price.

We are experts at: 

· Waterway monitoring and management 

· Water quality monitoring

· Assessment of point source and cumulative impacts [on] waterways

· Ecosystem health assessment

· Building resilience in urban ecosystems

· Environmental planning at the stream, catchment, precinct and landscape scale

· Collaborating with creative professionals to deliver nature-based outcomes to enrich the human experience

The urban landscape is a highly modified and managed environment. We tailor solutions to the specific environment or issue, we find a better approach and adjust our services to suit our clients’ specific needs.

Our team provide robust assessments, comprehensive reports and actionable strategic plans, all backed by the latest scientific research. Each of our team members brings the expertise of a solid research background, including a range of published work.

A sample of our wide-ranging projects include: Aquatic ecosystem monitoring, strategic waterway planning, broad scale ecosystem assessment and planning, plus waterway impact assessment.

We have broad expertise in waterway planning and assessment across growth centre areas throughout New South Wales, specifically Sydney, the South Coast, Central tablelands, Central West and Riverina areas.