CT Environmental


We are a dynamic team of urban ecologists.

We are urban waterway and catchment management professionals

We improve the urban landscape by integrating nature in to the built environment to enrich the human experience of place.

We create better places for people to live, work and play.


We work with natural resource managers, planners, landscape architects, engineers and ecologists to bring nature into our everyday urban life. By applying innovative ideas and robust science, we provide our clients with pragmatic and cost-effective options for making urban places better.


CTENVIRONMENTAL was established in 2012, by Carl Tippler, our Director and Principal Ecologist. Since then we have built a strong, experienced team and we are proud to be recognised as pioneering leaders in the management of urban ecosystems.


Each of our highly-skilled team members is currently undertaking post graduate studies in urban waterway management or a related field. This places us at the forefront of waterway science and allows us to utilise the very latest research. Our team push the boundaries of traditional environmental management and don’t take “no” for an answer. This is how we consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.


Far from being stereotypical scientists, we provide open, honest and clear communication, delivered in a professional manner. Our established team is highly-regarded by our broad client base, throughout our industry and amongst our consulting peers.


We invite you to speak with one of our expert ecologists, to discuss your requirements and determine how we can best assist you in creating the optimal urban environment.